Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summertime with The Kids

I have four kids with me this month and find myself eating a lot less healthy than I prefer, but a lot more healthy then they normally do. Anything with bread and cheese or fruit (thank goodness at least they like fruit) makes them happy, while vegetables are generally viewed with suspicion and must be well disguised to past the taste test. The one exception is cucumbers, which are happily accepted sliced raw and chewed down to their green skins which are then discarded.

I've never cooked for children before (except long ago when I was a child, at which point I was determined to learn to bake only so my brother and I could have sweets). They didn't like my chili, but when I turned it into nachos with tortilla chips and cheese suddenly they decided it was delicious. They didn't care for the spaghetti sauce, until it was dolloped on bread, covered with cheese (again) and turned into mini-pizzas at which point they stuffed themselves.

Its a brave new world here at the Rice and Beans blog. What healthy things do your kids or kids in your care like?