Friday, December 4, 2009

Its been three months.

Its been about three months since I last posted on this blog. And I was beginning to think that I would never get back to it. Because on August 16th Jose and I drove 10 and a half hours from DC to Bloomington, Indiana. We arrived tired, headachy, and starving. I promptly hopped on the local wireless and did a search for "best pizza in Bloomington". Thus I found Avers Pizza, a Chicago style place, and ordered our first meal, a Deluxe deep dish.

The next day after crashing on an air mattress in an otherwise empty bedroom we arose at 7 AM to greet the moving truck and spent all morning and days afterwards moving into my new, suburban apartment. After living in the beating heart of downtown Washington DC it was quite an adjustment, and continues to be so, to live in a culdesac where at night it is completely pitch black outside. A 10 minute walk takes one to the strip mall, a grocery store and movie theater and many other suburban amenities, but it just doesn't replace my DC neighborhood.

So then why, one may wonder, would I leave DC for Indiana if DC is so wonderful? Well, as I have mentioned previously, its all about the PhD. Specifically, the PhD in socio-cultural anthropology with a concentration in Food and an outside minor in Human Sexuality (at the famed Kinsey Institute). The past three months I have spent trying to construct a new life, in a new (college) town, a new routine, new friends and a new focus: my PhD. I've also returned to DC several times already to see my friends that I consider family, and to eat seafood without feeling guilty. (Its just hard for me to eat seafood when living in a state that is soo freakin' far from the sea!).

So for those that were wondering, that is where I have been. My first month here I barely cooked except for the occasional pasta. Even since then my cooking has taken a nose dive. Bowls of oatmeal, grits and cereal, pasta and canned sauce and quick one pot melanges of whatever veggies are at hand have been my mainstay during the past weeks, supplemented by eating out way too often for health or budget at cheap cafes in Bloomington.

But yesterday was my birthday and even though I am in the middle of my final papers (including a treatise on the role of terroir, sustainability and landscape in the debate over the meaning of Organic Agriculture), I have promised myself that I would start updating this blog again. It has been a source of great fun and fulfillment to me since I started it and I hate to see it fall by the wayside. So again, for those of you who have given up on me ever updating this little site again, I promise to be better in the future and try to put up at least a couple entries with photos and food every month. I will also probably share with you some of my work and discoveries about food and farming from my PhD projects. Thanks for waiting and I hope not to disappoint in the future!!

I thought I would share a picture of my food, art and identity class, where each Monday we discuss our readings, watch films and eat delicious food that we have brought to share:


CheekyMare said...

I hadn't forgotten!

*waves* Chrissy from Cheers here.

Allison said...

Hello I couldnt find your email on your blog but I had some questions Im hoping you can answer

Hi, I recently moved to Washington DC from Seattle with my husband. We are new to the city and want to explore restaurants. We love love love to eat but unfortunately we dont know too much about the city. I am hoping you can recommend restaurants for us to go to. I am very open about cuisine, price, atmosphere...I just want to eat good food! Let me know if you have any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. I've been reading a lot of reviews, and but its always hard to tell what is good or bad on the net so I am hoping you give me your personal opinion about what we cannot miss. We live near 14th and U and we have a car so we can get around easily.
--also if you can recommend any good bars my husband loves a good bartender and a great atmosphere

Allison Fearn

Marcie said...

Like the above post I wanted to get in touch...I am also a belizean living in DC and have yet to meet someone from Belize...I have met a couple people that have gone to visit but not one from Belize...I have been living here 3 years now. As for the food I sometimes make it for my kids as they are not born belizean but as belizean as you can get eating the food...They love it! Anyway, would love to find a belizean restaurant. Anyway, let me know how to get in touch with you. Marcie

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