Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tried and Tasted Roundup: One Hot Stove, and July's Challenge!

I have an recipe file in my inbox where I store all the wonderful, mouthwatering, fabulous foods that I run across while surfing through my fellow bloggers posts. I have literally hundreds of recipes stashed away, some of which I have tried, the majority of which I have only drooled over. In there right now are a bunch of recipes from One Hot Stove, which was selected by Zlamushka of Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen for the month of June's Tried and Tasted event.

You may recall that I participated in the inaugural session of this great new food blogger event by making Peanut Punch from Cynthia's blog Tastes like Home. Unfortunately, all my great plans for making something delicious (Puris? Halwa?Maybe a snack food from the streets of Mumbai to take me back to days as a teenager travelling with aunt in India?), fell by the wayside as my June got busier and busier. It was after the 4th of July when I realized I had missed the thing entirely.

Luckily other people managed to find the time. The number of participants is growing by leaps and bounds-51 people cooked something from One Hot Stove, testing a total of 53 different recipes. You can see the full spectrum of the delicious appetizers, snacks, drinks, main courses, sides and desserts right here on Zlamushka's blog.

And if, like me, you didn't manage to participate in the June event, July is here and so is the next blog to be Tried and Tasted. This time it is Meeta's blog, What's for Lunch Honey? that will face the T&T challenge. Head over to One Spicy Kitchen to learn how to participate and then to Meeta's blog to pick something to try from her delicious recipe index. Personally I'm eying the lemon and coconut cake...

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zlamushka said...

Thank you so much for writing this lovely post :-) I am touched to read this many supportive and nice words about my event.
True, that lemon cake looks fab :-) I have tried her bagels and man, I just want to bake them every morning...