Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tried and Tasted: Tastes Like Home's Peanut Punch

Zlamushka of Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen is hosting a great new blogging event called "Tried and Tasted", where every month a food blog is chosen to have it's recipes tried out by other food bloggers. The first blog to receive this honor (and trial by fire) is the blog Tastes Like Home, written by Cynthia, a talented cook and photographer from Guyana who is in the middle of finishing up her very own cookbook!

Cynthia was one of the first people to comment on my blog and has been a source of recipes, banter about tropical ingredients and general camaraderie. I was excited to have an excuse to finally try one of her recipes and blog about it. I even emailed her and promised that I would participate for sure! But then life intervened with weddings and classes and work and the next thing I knew it was May 30th, the night before the deadline, which is today my dear readers, and I realized I had yet to make something from Cynthia's beautiful blog. So this morning I made myself some Peanut Punch. This is one of the few recipes that Cynthia has posted directly on her blog, although if you want to make any of the things she writes about, she will be happy to send you the recipe if you email her. The punch was delicious, and I have some leftovers chilling in my fridge, for a drink later on this afternoon.

So here it is, my contribution to Tried and Tasted: Tastes Like Home. I changed up the ingredients just a little, by adding some Belizean coconut rum. Because, you know, everything is better with rum! Enjoy!

Cynthia's Peanut Punch (with a Belizean twist)

Get the original recipe here. This version serves 2. The recipe is about 500 calories if you err on the teaspoon side with the rum (though why you would want to do that is beyond me.) With no alcohol, the recipe contains 460 calories.

1 tsp to 1 tablespoon coconut rum (to taste)
3 tbsp creamy peanut butter
1 cup cold 1% milk (for a colder drink, try freezing a few milk ice cubes to add to the blender)
1 tbsp sugar
dash of cinnamon
about 1/8 tsp nutmeg


Blend everything together on high until smooth. Serve ice cold with a dusting of nutmeg and a couple peanuts on top. They will soon sink to the bottom, but the crunchy ending is delightful. As you can see, mine didn't last long. Thanks Cynthia!


zlamushka said...

HI Lyra,
Thank you so much for this delicious drink. Wow you really gave it a kick with the rum.
I am very happy to have discovered your blog. It is so warm and homey.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, it's Lyra! You've gotta be the Lyra I know... I can't imagine there are too many other Belizeans named Lyra Spang in this area. (:

This is Tom Lipschultz, from Winston Hall. Do you remember me? You and I, and your brother, used to hang out all the time. And you're in DC now?! Craziness! I live in Fairfax, Virginia, which is quite accessible to the DC metro.

I don't remember how we lost touch with one another, but if you're at all interested in catching up, drop me an email sometime. I'd love to hear from you! Maybe we could meet up in DC or Fairfax sometime, too.

My email address is wyrdwad AT metalbat DOT com.

Hope to hear from you... but even if I don't, it's really great to see that you're doing well (and making lots of delicious-looking food, too!). (:


Lyra said...

Tom! wow...yeah its me. I'll shoot you an email (yes folks blogs are impressive like that, reuniting people from your past. I knew this person when I was about 8 years old...)

Cynthia said...

I am truly honoured! Thank you my friend.