Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Breakfast Series #6: Let Them Eat Sticky Buns!

If you didn't already have enough reasons to buy Peter Reinhart's newest bread baking book, "The Breadbaker's Apprentice", now you do.

These sticky buns are as good as any that I have devoured in the grand state of Pennsylvania, which, as some may know, is the heart of sticky bun land, USA. The Pennyslvania "Dutch" (really from Germany) know how to make some of the best gooey, sweet delicious sticky buns ever, and they are absolutely loaded with butter, sugar, nuts and raisins. These are no exception. I'm not even sure exactly how much sugar and fat is involved...its in the dough, its in the filling, its in the caramel...but lets just say that you might want to plan on salad for dinner if you are having this for dessert-and you can skip the dressing while you're at it! That being said, a sticky bun just wouldn't BE a sticky bun if it wasn't covered with sticky gooey sugary buttery yumminess.

I am of course way behind on trying out these sticky buns. I have wanted to make them ever since the Daring Bakers cooked them up back in September 07, and since January, when I purchased The Breadbaker's Apprentice, they have been earmarked for a lazy weekend afternoon. But that lazy weekend afternoon never did come, so it wasn't until I was home recovering from a cold one weekday, feeling cooped up in the house after sleeping til noon, that I finally got around to trying the buns that everyone else had already made and raved about. I used the rind of an entire orange in the fragrant, sweet dough, and put more than the suggested "sprinkle" of walnuts on the bottom. My apartment was scented with cinnamon, sugar and orange for the entire day. And the results were beyond fantastic. Cinnabon has nothing on this recipe. And I can't wait to try variations with maybe a marmalade filling or topping instead of caramel, or maybe some more exotic spices. I have to agree with the Daring Bakers-I would ask this sticky bun to be my valentine anytime! You can get the recipe here, or just buy Reinhart's book and try out his other amazing breads.

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