Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Menu for Hope Prizes Announced!

I'll bet you were thinking
"Whatever happened to that Menu of Hope thing? I haven't heard a thing about it since December, and she said that the prizes were going to be announced in January!" Well folks, I admit that with graduate school now upon me full-time, I am not as quick with the posts as I normally would be. Unfortunately, I cannot promise that things will get better. In fact, you can probably expect me to completely disappear for weeks at a time as I wrestle with final papers in April and May.

But in the meantime you can rush over to Chez Pim and see if you won any prizes. I didn't get my cheese assortment, but there's always next year! To see who got lucky, go here: Menu of Hope Prize Winners. We are all winners though, because Menu for Hope raised 91,188 dollars for the World Food Program this year, a whopping 50% increase over last years total!

So congratulations to Chez Pim and the regional representatives, prize donors, organizers and all of us who participated. Here's to an even bigger and better Menu for Hope in 2008!

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