Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Belated Happy New Year!

Its been a blissful few weeks. Waking to sunshine and the sound of parrots instead of alarm clocks, spending all day outside, playing in the sea, and eating food straight from one's own farm is good for the disposition. Now, I'm back in DC, sleep deprived after flying in after midnight, but tanned enough to cause envy in lesser souls:). Needless to say, working in a windowless office is not appealing at the moment, but luckily humans are an adaptable species.

Since I wasn't able to post anything during the holiday season, I have plenty of photos and food related stories to share with you from my time on the farm. We harvested cacao, caught fish, ate massive quantities of black fruitcake and tangerines and engaged in numerous other food related activities, but today I thought I would back track to Christmas (I know, its so over, its so 2007, you are so done with it, but bear with me). Here are some photos from our Christmas feast of canned ham (probably from Brazil), and side dishes that came right from the farm: roasted breadfruit and winged beans with chaya.

Here's the spread. As you can see our kitchen doesn't have a wall, which makes it very handy when tossing out dish water or a bone for the dog:

The skin cut from an oven roasted breadfruit, and my mom cutting it up.

Roasted breadfruit cut into slices.

Empty winged bean pods, fresh from our garden. Winged beans are originally from South East Asia where hundreds of varieties are cultivated.

Winged bean seeds. When the pods are young you can eat the whole thing, but these tougher specimens had to be shelled out.

I'll talk more about breadfruit and winged beans and such in future posts, but for the moment, I have a lot of browsing to do in order to catch up on what is going on in the food blogging world!


Cynthia said...

Don't worry about Christmas being over honey, this is going to be absolutely refershing as it is a different kind of food and experience. I love roast breadfruit and now you've gone and made me hungry.

And the kitchen, man that's the best kind to cook it. It separates the real cooks from those who try-a-ting (lol)

Looking forward to your other posts and a very happy new year to you!

Lyra said...

The same to you Cynthia. I am far behind on everyone's blogs, as I haven't been able to access internet for over two weeks-maybe tonight I will do some browsing, including on yours. Cooking with a wood stove is always fun, the only problem is baking, as our oven isn't the best and we have trouble getting the temperature up to or above 350 no matter how good the wood is.