Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bananas, Cardamom, Coconut Milk...

Sounds good, right? That's what I thought too. I got the idea from a cookbook I flipped through at a bookstore the other day. Of course I can't remember the name now, but a recipe in it caught my eye and when I got home I put two teaspoons of brown sugar and 3 crushed cardamom pods in a frying pan, let the sugar melt, tossed in a banana and caramelized it, then poured in about half a cup of light coconut milk. As you can see, the result was quite explosive...but tasty. Tasty, but not amazing: the final product seemed a just a little too sweet and one dimensional to me. There just wasn't a depth of flavour despite the coconut milk, the cardamom and the fresh ginger that I added for bite. Coconut milk, banana and cardamom just seems like a winning combination however, so I'll be playing around with it some more in the future.

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